21 maja 2010


"You need 3 meters of fabric (viscose or jersey), needles, a sewing machine and a dress form (or a patient friend).

1. Drape the fabric across the dress form and pin it down by the shoulder.
2. Take the other end of the fabric and drape it across the other shoulder.
3. Turn the dress form around and pull the fabric that’s hanging under the behind all the way up to the shoulders.
4. Pin down the fabric on the shoulders where you want to sew the pieces together.
5. Make sure the fabric isn’t clumpy but evenly draped on both shoulders. Make any adjustments necessary and pin everything down again.
6. There’ll be some left over fabric on one side, but leave it like it is instead of cutting it off – it’ll give a great draped effect as it falls. You’ll just have to sew it together to avoid showing skin. Sew the
shoulders and the one side with the sewing machine. I decided not to sew any edges because the fabric was so thin – but it really depends on the fabric. Usually I’d always sew edges."



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